Kathy Paauw


Kathy is a Life Architect who can help you create a blueprint for your life. Go to her web site to sign up for her free Discovery call to see how she can help you with your 9 environments. Also, check out her blog

Danielle Madrid


Danielle Madrid has helped many women in poverty and affluence to survive domestic abuse and to begin to thrive in a new life through Check out her website to see all they do and how you can help. If you are in a difficult situation and need help, call Havens at 425 610 - 8612, they will there for you.

Dr. Cheryl Berry


Dr. Cheryl is my amazing chiropractor with a gentle and very effective touch.   I am blessed to have such a wonderful friend and chiropractor in Dr. Cheryl, she is the best. Check out her website to find out more about her.  She sees you as a whole person with unconditional love.

Stacia Kennedy


Stacia Kennedy is a social media expert who helps businesses create presence and increase business. Check out her web site at to see what she offers.   I have known her since 2009 and we were buddies in a 3 weekend workshop that was a wonderful experience. We will be talking about what she does for her clients in social media and other areas. 

Dana Quade


Dana Quade, author of "Doing the Thing". We'll be talking about Self Love and what it takes to have self love.   Check out her web site and her Facebook page.

Cathy Wild


Cathy had a lot of great ideas about Creativity and I learned so much from her. Her book "Wild Ideas: Creativity From the Inside Out" has so much to offer. You can buy it on or your local bookstore. To find out more about Cathy, go to her Website  Listen and learn more about creativity and how to tap into yours.


Tracey Warren


Tracey Warren of We'll talk about what co-working is and what inspired her to create a space for it.

Alana Osborne & Teddy


Alana was 13 when it happened and I will ask her how it was for her and the gifts she uncovered. Plus she has her own situations as well.   If you want to know about Endometriosis, Alana works with to help people with chronic illness and Endometriosis.

Stephanie Davvison


She is a Reiki Master /Teacher and we will discuss the beginning basics of Loving Yourself. You can find her at  and

Melanie Hope


An award-winning humorist and author known for her colorful storytelling and pragmatic leadership training and blogging. She is an active member of the Las Vegas Improvisational Players troupe, speaks at conferences worldwide, and co-hosts the internet radio program CounterCultureWISE.
You can find her at

Krysta Gibson


 Krysta is the publisher and co-editor of New Spirit Journal ( She has been on her spiritual path her entire life and brings an eclectic blend of experiences and ideas to her consulting work.

She is a business consultant, writes articles and books, creates CDs for meditation, stopping smoking, as well as personal and family consulting.

Dave Gagley


Of the Gagley Law Group. For the past 20 years, Dave has specialized in Elder Law - he was a tremendous help while I was dealing with my Mom and dementia. I had no idea what it would involve and Dave was there to help me all the way.Dave will talk about what he did about a fee schedule that drove the attorneys crazy as well as changes to Durable Power of Attorney law over the past year.


Diane Kolb


Executive Director of Children's Country Home for medically fragile children. The web site for Children's Country Home is - all the information on the home is there.  She is also camera shy. 

     Diane Kolb, RDN, CD, is a graduate of Washington State University.  Ms. Kolb has nearly 30 years of healthcare marketing, public relations and fundraising leadership experience.  Diane is a two term president of Soroptimist International of Sno-King, the 2006 NW Region Emerging Leader, the Woman of Distinction for 2003 and a current board member. 

Jamie Osborne


Jamie and Diane Osborne. In his book "Will Your Way Back", Jamie describes his recovery from a traumatic Spinal Cord Injury in a very open and vulnerable way. Through the process - which is ongoing - he has learned a lot and unlearned others. As an avid sportsman, he always went full tilt in whatever he did, recovery wasn't any different.

Al Orwiler


I take pride in providing personal, professional service with a caring heart to all my clients. This has allowed me to enjoy 10 years with REMAX where I have regularly received the 100% club award. I give back to my community by serving on boards for The Kent Community Foundation, Navos Behavioral Health and Orion Industries. Spending time with my family is also very important. Clients live in communities from Thurston to Snohomish counties. I do spend most of my time from Seattle and the East side South to Tacoma

Marla Beck


Marla has a business degree from the University of Washington.  Having started her career as a CPA, Marla has over 35 years’ experience in the service sector of the Puget Sound region’s business community.  Marla is accredited as a Certified Senior Advisor.  Having a well-rounded background enables her to address the key needs and issues of mature adults. 

      In memory of her grandparents and parents, Marla started Andelcare as a way of giving back.

      In 2012, Marla was designated Washington’s Small Business Person of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

      Andelcare is a professional provider of in-home care, assisted living, and companionship services for the elderly, disabled, and patients recovering from surgery and hospitalization.  Andelcare enables people to stay independent and in the comfort and security of their own homes.  Andelcare puts the needs of clients first by carefully screening and matching caregivers to the wants of each individual.


Mia Tomikawa


Mia Tomikawa is a translator and editor in chief at IRH Press, an international publisher of spiritual, religious, and self-improvement books by the bestselling author Ryuho Okawa.

Mia has been working on the English-translated versions of Okawa’s books for nearly a decade to share the spiritual truths that he teaches, which have changed the lives of millions around the world including herself. Mia believes that increasing the awareness and deepening the understanding of these spiritual truths are the keys to finding true happiness on a personal level as well on a global scale.

To date, Mia has worked on more than 30 titles by Okawa. In addition to her editing and translation experience, she is a simultaneous interpreter, writer, as well as a U.S. spokesperson for Ryuho Okawa’s books.

Ryuho Okawa has a simple goal: to help people find true happiness and create a better world. 

Jill Nichols-Hicks & Tammy Wilson Smith of Illuminating Women


Tuesday my guests are Jill Nichol-Hicks and Tammy Wilson Smith of - The community for getting your glow on. The first thing I noticed on their website was We are a safe environment to be your authentic self, to deepen relationships with other heart-centered women, and to be illuminated personally and professionally.

Jill is the founder and Tammy is partnering in taking the group into new growth. We'll be on Tuesday at 9:30 Pacific time - you can here it live on AM1150 in the Seattle area, live stream on or later in the archives on the web site. Come join us to hear what these amazing women are doing to support and uplift other women.

Clementina Marie Giovannetti


My guest on Tuesday, December 5th, for Finding The Gifts radio show on is Clementina Marie Giovannetti, author of The Best-Selling Guide to Spiritual Interpretations of Your
DREAMS. She has many different dream interpretations in her book and helps people to remember and interpret their dreams, then choose their own outcome. We will be on at 9:30 a.m. Pacific time - you can hear it live in Seattle area on 1150 AM, live streaming on or in the archives.  Her website is


Clementina Marie  Giovannetti