About Finding The Gifts

What is the show about?

All of us come across difficult situations in our lives that are sad, depression, life-changing and  send us on a difficult course.   We tend to notice the negative impact on us - suppose you look for the gift in it instead.

My Experiences

I feel I have a Phd in Life Experiences.  I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for almost 50 years and have learned a thing or two.   I was also the caregiver for my Mom as she slowly slipped into dementia.  Over the years I have had to deal with side effects from RA and all the meds I have taken.

How did the show come about?

I have been listening to 1150kknw.com since 2003 and after a while, I thought it would be fun to have a show myself.  It seemed so out of reach, then in 2014 I found myself emailing about my idea for a show.  They liked the idea and asked me to meet with them,

How can I find a gift in the situation?

That is what  my guests and I help you do.  We draw from our own experiences with things we have used to find gifts for ourselves.  There are different pathways and ideas that will help you create your own solutions.  You are always welcome to email me here.

How the show started

In 2009 I realized my victim mentality was not working for me.  I decided to see what gifts were in RA.  I started a blog called giftofra.com to explore  the whole idea.  I wanted it to be a 2 way street because I can always learn from others and their experiences.

My first show

I was able to do only 3 months because my Mom had died.  Then in 2016 I was able to come back and do the show again.  It has been a joy and I love the guests and what they bring to it and how they help people who listen live or in the archives.  I thank everyone who listens and hope they gain benefit from it.

I am going to be working on this site and other ideas


Another blog post today

The posts I write on the blog are things I am working on for myself.  Not sure who said it, you teach what you are learning.   Sometimes I get an "AH" instead of an "AHHA!" - then I know I am on my way to "I know that I know".  

It is a bit odd not to be doing show prep and it was a bit weird not to be going to the studio last Tuesday to do the show.    

We are having colder weather, though not the way the rest of the country has.  I have lived in several places in the eastern half of the country and I well remember snow storms, ice storms, a Nor'easter, a hurricane or two and definitely frigid temperatures.

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Moderate Priced Sponsorships

Bonus benefits for all who sponsor in 12 month increments, including a  live, on-air spot.

Accommodating rates that range from $300 to $600.

For more information

Call Lee at 206 243 - 2015



Jerry's Rock and Gem

Jerry's Rock and Gem was established in 1954 as Jerry's Agate Shop by a Boeing machinist named Jerry Appleton. He wanted to supply his own rock habit and to fill the needs of other rock hounds. Jerry moved the store to its current location in 1962, as the business had out grown the restrictions of his own home. Then in 1982, after years of enjoyment, Jerry decided to retire and sold the business to a friend of mine, 

How became what it is now.

Tom, a journeyman jeweler and rockhound. With Tom's help the business evolved from a Rock shop to a Rock shop, Jewelry design, manufacture and repair store. Then in 1990 Tom asked if I (Glen) would like to buy the store from him. HE DIDN'T HAVE TO ASK ME TWICE. Being a wholesale gem dealer and Hardcore Rock and Fossils Hound, I saw a fantastic opportunity to combine my G.I.A. training and love of gemstones, with my enjoyment of rocks and fossils.

My experience with Jerry's

I am interested in crystals and metaphysical uses for them.  I spend a lot of time with Joan as she helps me decide what will work for me.  She has infinite patience and spends a lot of time with me, as they do all their customers.  Such knowledge and experience from everyone in the shop.

Need an Appraisal?

You can bring in your gem, crystal or fossil to have it identified and appraised - they will give a true value and worth.

Need a stone set or a design to show it off?

Not only do they have gems for sale, they also have designers to help create a one of a kind piece that is unique to you.  



Green Kiss Pest Control

When the little creepy crawlies, furry four footed critters and flying creatures decide to make your home their headquarters, call Jeff Carle at 253 246 - 7268  to send them running.   He uses only green environmentally safe products and has the knowledge to know what will work the best.

Where to Find Jeff Carle

For more information go to www.greenkissllc.com

Call 253 246 - 7268 

Talk to Jeff about what you need done.

What Green Kiss Pest Control Does

We offer a service designed to establish your specific needs, and tailor that service to address those needs. Starting with an hour worth of time for us to look and talk about what your needs are, and then make recommendations that fit those needs, while also looking for ways to further maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of your investment, we aim to put your mind at ease, knowing a professional is on-site, with more than 10 years of experience. Recommending the rite solution with honor and integrity is why choosing GK Pest just makes sense.

My experience with Green Kiss Pest Control

I found I had a yellowjacket nest in the stump by my back porch.  I talked to Jeff in the morning and he was out a short time later to take care of them,  I'm glad I did right then because Jeff told me they would create 3 to 5 nests if nothing was done.  He did a great job for me.

He has also been a guest twice on the show - Listen to the mp3 below.

Click Here

About Us

Host Lee Kaplanian


Lee has a Phd in Life Experience.  She has been dealing with Rheumatoid arthritis for almost 50 years as well as moving around the country 12 times to help her husband's career.  New doctors, new treatments, creating a brand new life in each place.

Employers wanted her husband's expertise and were willing to cover her pre-existing condition.  She was doing conventional medicine and began to look at alternative medicine to see what available without pharmaceuticals.

Finding the Gifts in difficult situations

Every difficult situation has a gift waiting for you to uncover.  She helps with ideas, paths and guests who have found their gifts.


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